Hope, Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus

Oona Doherty

While the Julidans audience is gathered outside the Melkweg theatre, the wait for Oona Doherty’s appearance becomes a performance in itself. People are laughing and staring; cars and pedestrians are passing by, and all of it seems to contribute to the landscape. Soon enough, a car blasting loud music stops in front of the crowd, […]

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Boca de Ferro

Marcela Levi & Lucia Russo

Picture this: you are at a rave, and have been for a while. Your body obeys the beat regardless of thirst or sleep. All around you are other bodies doing the same, and the sea of bodies moving is just the loveliest thing ever. The air is dripping with sweat and hot with breath and […]

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Body of Work

Daniel Linehan / Hiatus

Body of Work by Daniel Linehan, which had its Dutch premiere last night at Julidans, poses an interesting question: how important is it to know someone’s earlier work when watching a piece that is, among other things, about their body of work? Linehan examines how past dances live on in the dancer’s body, like ‘an archaeologist […]

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Cutlass Spring

Dana Michel

Whatever you might expect from a performance about a woman reclaiming her sexual identity, Cutlass Spring by the Canadian performance artist Dana Michel, which had its Dutch premiere last Wednesday at Julidans, is probably not that. Before you see her, you can hear her, scurrying around backstage, behind the four platforms where the audience is seated. […]

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Apollon Musagète XL

Florentina Holzinger

Like a still life, a hammer and nail are projected onto screens on both sides of the stage of the International Theatre Amsterdam. They form the opening image of Apollon Musagète XL created by Florentina Holzinger. Given Holzinger’s radically feminist approach to performance, the image will hardly astonish. Shortly after, a naked woman enters the […]

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Omar Rajeh / Maqamat Dance Theatre

A dancer soaked in blue blood is standing on a blue planet floating through the vast black universe like a reversed Atlas, tired of carrying the world. That is the image shown on the backdrop, filmed live by a drone. In reality, and visible simultaneously, the dancer (a fabulous Charlie Prince) is on a circular […]

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The Fountain

Fernando Belfiore

As the audience is guided towards Studio 1 at International Theatre Amsterdam, the window gallery just above the space where Fernando Belfiore’s The Fountain will take place offers viewers a glimpse of where they will be transported to for the next hour. Glitters and artificial nature set the tone for this garden of Eden, where […]

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Blueprint on Memory

Ann Van den Broek / Ward/waRD

Last night at Julidans, Ann Van den Broek’s WArd/waRD came to perform Blueprint on Memory, an incisive multimedia exploration of Alzheimer’s disease and its repercussions on the body. It is the first part of a trilogy Van den Broek is creating about memory loss and originally premiered in 2018. You could say we all have […]

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Rasp Your Soul

Kat Valastur

When Kat Válastur made her Dutch debut with the intricate, minimalist duet Lang during the 2012 Spring festival, she immediately caught the interest and admiration of both press and audiences. Moreover, she received an invitation from the Dutch-Hungarian choreographer Krisztina de Châtel, who gained fame in the eighties with austere, repetitive works and recognised Válastur […]

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Story, story, die.

Alan Lucien Øyen / winter guests

A floor, a door, four folding chairs, one megaphone, seven performers. The Norwegian choreographer, writer and director Alan Lucien Øyen proves you don’t need much to tell an engaging story. Or, in this case, multiple stories, and quite a few deaths, including one involving a hungry caterpillar-turned-rainbow-butterfly. The setting is reminiscent of an amateur drama […]

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