Gabriella Carrizo & Franck Chartier / Peeping Tom

We are on the outskirts of an anything but pleasant forest. On the right side of the stage a last tree-line defends its secrets, while on the left we see a bare cliff of white rocks. A liminal space, an in-between. In it, Eurudike De Beul plays a child. This woman, a short, fifty-something opera […]

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Shailesh Bahoran / Illusionary Rockaz Company

The solo Redo has won breakdancer Redouan Ait Chitt a nomination for the 2019 VSCD Swan award for best performance in dance. The piece was created by choreographer Shailesh Bahoran and Ait Chitt after the former won the 2017 Dutch Dance Festival Prize, an incentive prize for choreographers. Bahoran is a well-known name within the dance […]

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Amos Ben-Tal / OFFprojects

Basing a whole performance around the concept of time is a pretty ballsy move. The last thing you want the audience to think about during said performance is how much time has passed, or what time it is. But, when it’s done well, it can be magnificent. Take, for example, the first piece choreographer Amos […]

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They all have radically different movement histories

Interview with Alan Lucien Øyen

Growing up on the West coast of Norway, Alan Lucien Øyen watched lots of plays, dance performances and children’s theatre. He was raised in the local theatre where his father was a dresser. From the moment he began training as a dancer, he started creating his own pieces. Since those early days, Alan Lucien Øyen […]

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