The Battle


This September, the Netherlands commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem. Allied forces in 1944 advanced right up to the Rhine, but were stopped at the Rijnbrug (the 1977 war drama by Richard Attenborough, A Bridge to Far, is about this famous military operation, Operation Market Garden). Roel Voorintholt, artistic director of Introdans […]

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Muziek van Beneden (Music from Downstairs) in Moscow

Het Houten Huis

Last weekend Muziek van Beneden (Music from Downstairs) by Het Houten Huis theatre for young audiences travelled to Moscow. It opened the Gavroche Festival which hosts a good number of Dutch TYA companies. We talked with Janice Slot, one of the performers in Muziek van Beneden, and Barbara Ennik, marketing & publicity assistant for Het […]

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Know hows

Carte Blanche / Kristin Ryg Helgebostad and Ingeleiv Berstad

A figure on rollerblades welcomes us into the space. Its huge, tangled blond wig seems to match the tangled pieces of fabric hanging from the ceiling. With an enormous mouth and an assertive attitude, this being starts talking to the audience, something about making things spectacular. Know hows, one of the latest works by Carte Blanche, the Norwegian […]

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Funny Soft Happy & the Opposite

Connor Schumacher

When it comes to polished aesthetics and witty vibes, Connor Schumacher never disappoints. Funny Soft Happy & the Opposite, which premiered at Theater Rotterdam on Friday, 20 September, is something between a live tutorial and a TV show, an acid trip, a talent show, a self-help ad, and a cult with hidden rules. Connor hosts […]

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Boukje Schweigman likes to concentrate on a single movement motif and builds her often disorienting worlds around this one determining element. She did it to mesmerising effect in shows like Wiek (Rotor) and Spiegel (Mirror). For her latest, Val (Fall), she centres the movement vocabulary on the notion, yes, of falling, and uses the height […]

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Want is the Wick

Stephen Shropshire

As is the case with most works of contemporary art, it doesn’t really matter how many footholds you – the maker – provide for the audience, in the end the final interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. Still, I doubt that the narrative thread that I ‘uncovered’ in the dance duet Want is […]

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Ounce of Faith, Juba, In/Side, Revelations

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

In the foyer of the New Luxor Theater in Rotterdam, several banners serve as an improvised photo-call. A Dutch woman of colour struggles to make a satisfying selfie with a scene from the ballet Revelations in the background, until another (white) woman steps in and offers to help her out. “Make sure the name of […]

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Outwitting the Devil

Akram Khan Company

Kill your darlings. It is a piece of advice choreographers often hear while creating a new work. The assumption is that by killing your darlings, you strengthen the result. But in Akram Khan’s latest work, Outwitting the Devil(created for the Avignon Festival 2019), the phrase takes on a completely different meaning. Killing our darlings is […]

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Best of Balanchine III

Dutch National Ballet

It is quite a challenge, this opening of the season: a gala performance and three ballets, each with a big cast. But Best of Balanchine, a triple bill of Balanchine ballets, is a resounding success for the Dutch National Ballet. Number III, this programme is called, since there have been earlier editions – DNB has […]

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De Internet Trilogie


First confession: when I went to see De Internet Trilogie by Urland last night, I didn’t pay much attention when Ludwig Bindervoet read out the Terms & Conditions. I was mesmerised by a dead cute cat meme. Second confession: I’m a late adapter. I never saw the three constituent parts of the trilogy when they […]

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