Bregtje Schudel
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Dunja Jojic

What does going mad look like? Watching Resident, the new choreography by Dunja Jocic, winner of the Prijs van de Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht 2018, you might get an idea. Resident premiered on October 5, during the Dutch Dance Festival (Nederlandse Dansdagen), at Toneelacademie, Maastricht. A man (Simon Bus) has just moved into a modern apartment […]

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Gala Dutch Dance Festival 2019

Of course, the Dutch Dance Festival (de Nederlandse Dansdagen) has been in full swing since Tuesday, but the festival traditionally reaches its climax with the Nederlandse Dansdagen Gala. Besides showcasing a small sample of all the goodness the Dutch dance field has to offer – this year featuring excerpts from Motors by 155/Eenvijfvijf (who also […]

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Eenvijfvijf at the end of the world

Erik Bos

For six days, urban dance collective 155 (eenvijfvijf) is secluding itself at the SAM Decorfabriek in Maastricht. Seen from the city centre, it is located jut across the railway tracks, but it could just as easily be the end of the world. Which, to 155 member Erik Bos, makes it easier. ‘We are so far […]

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Yannis Kyriakides / Keren Levi / Slagwerk Den Haag.

Firstly, I would like to stress: I love choreographer Keren Levi’s inquisitive mind. Especially when she is looking for the overlap between movement, music and sound – usually with long-time artistic collaborator and musician Tom Parkinson. Her stepping off point for UNMUTE, that saw its premiere at the Dutch Dance Festival (Nederlandse Dansdagen) in Maastricht […]

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Museum Motus Mori

Katja Heitmann / Marres

For once, the shoe is on the other foot. Usually, as a dance writer, when there is any interviewing to be done, it is the journalist who is asking the questions. But today, it is dancer Ornella Prieto who is the interviewer, and I am the interviewee. The type of interview is fairly unusual as well. […]

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The Battle


This September, the Netherlands commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem. Allied forces in 1944 advanced right up to the Rhine, but were stopped at the Rijnbrug (the 1977 war drama by Richard Attenborough, A Bridge to Far, is about this famous military operation, Operation Market Garden). Roel Voorintholt, artistic director of Introdans […]

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Muziek van Beneden (Music from Downstairs) in Moscow

Het Houten Huis

Last weekend Muziek van Beneden (Music from Downstairs) by Het Houten Huis theatre for young audiences travelled to Moscow. It opened the Gavroche Festival which hosts a good number of Dutch TYA companies. We talked with Janice Slot, one of the performers in Muziek van Beneden, and Barbara Ennik, marketing & publicity assistant for Het […]

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Want is the Wick

Stephen Shropshire

As is the case with most works of contemporary art, it doesn’t really matter how many footholds you – the maker – provide for the audience, in the end the final interpretation is in the eye of the beholder. Still, I doubt that the narrative thread that I ‘uncovered’ in the dance duet Want is […]

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Corpo Máquina /Guilherme Miotto

Not all movement is dance, but – in the universe of the Dutch Brazilian choreographer Guilherme Miotto – it definitely can be. In his two solos BALL and POLE Miotto investigates the fluid space where sport becomes art. Both pieces were shown at the opening of Live Art Festival in Breda. Next year, both will […]

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Body of Work

Daniel Linehan / Hiatus

Body of Work by Daniel Linehan, which had its Dutch premiere last night at Julidans, poses an interesting question: how important is it to know someone’s earlier work when watching a piece that is, among other things, about their body of work? Linehan examines how past dances live on in the dancer’s body, like ‘an archaeologist […]

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