Lucia Fernandez Santoro
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Audrey Apers, Krisztina de Châtel, Sally Dansgezelschap, Ensemble 88

As I waited in the foyer of Theater Rotterdam for (Im)Pulse to start (which premiered at ITA on 30 September 2019), I was struck by the audience I was going to be a part of: couples in their sixties, dressed to impress, out on a fancy night, and big groups of late-teens to early twenties, half […]

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Know hows

Carte Blanche / Kristin Ryg Helgebostad and Ingeleiv Berstad

A figure on rollerblades welcomes us into the space. Its huge, tangled blond wig seems to match the tangled pieces of fabric hanging from the ceiling. With an enormous mouth and an assertive attitude, this being starts talking to the audience, something about making things spectacular. Know hows, one of the latest works by Carte Blanche, the Norwegian […]

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Funny Soft Happy & the Opposite

Connor Schumacher

When it comes to polished aesthetics and witty vibes, Connor Schumacher never disappoints. Funny Soft Happy & the Opposite, which premiered at Theater Rotterdam on Friday, 20 September, is something between a live tutorial and a TV show, an acid trip, a talent show, a self-help ad, and a cult with hidden rules. Connor hosts […]

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Hope, Hunt and the Ascension into Lazarus

Oona Doherty

While the Julidans audience is gathered outside the Melkweg theatre, the wait for Oona Doherty’s appearance becomes a performance in itself. People are laughing and staring; cars and pedestrians are passing by, and all of it seems to contribute to the landscape. Soon enough, a car blasting loud music stops in front of the crowd, […]

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The Fountain

Fernando Belfiore

As the audience is guided towards Studio 1 at International Theatre Amsterdam, the window gallery just above the space where Fernando Belfiore’s The Fountain will take place offers viewers a glimpse of where they will be transported to for the next hour. Glitters and artificial nature set the tone for this garden of Eden, where […]

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