Or Die Trying

Alida Dors / Backbone

Upon entering the small venue at Theater Rotterdam for Or Die Trying, a new piece choreographed by Alida Dors which premiered Saturday 12 October, the space is already brimming with energy. With a couple of punchbags lying and hanging around, benches on both sides of the floor, and boxing gloves, belly belts and leg protection all […]

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La Veronal / Marcos Morau

Before choreographer Marcos Morau starts his tour of the Netherlands this fall with a new piece for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, he came to International Theater Amsterdam with his company La Veronal to present the show Pasionaria. But despite Morau’s being an interesting voice in European dance, Pasionaria does not convince entirely in the end.  A stage […]

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Apollon Musagète XL

Florentina Holzinger

Like a still life, a hammer and nail are projected onto screens on both sides of the stage of the International Theatre Amsterdam. They form the opening image of Apollon Musagète XL created by Florentina Holzinger. Given Holzinger’s radically feminist approach to performance, the image will hardly astonish. Shortly after, a naked woman enters the […]

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Shailesh Bahoran / Illusionary Rockaz Company

The solo Redo has won breakdancer Redouan Ait Chitt a nomination for the 2019 VSCD Swan award for best performance in dance. The piece was created by choreographer Shailesh Bahoran and Ait Chitt after the former won the 2017 Dutch Dance Festival Prize, an incentive prize for choreographers. Bahoran is a well-known name within the dance […]

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They all have radically different movement histories

Interview with Alan Lucien Øyen

Growing up on the West coast of Norway, Alan Lucien Øyen watched lots of plays, dance performances and children’s theatre. He was raised in the local theatre where his father was a dresser. From the moment he began training as a dancer, he started creating his own pieces. Since those early days, Alan Lucien Øyen […]

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