Wendy Lubberding
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MAAS Theater & Dans

The five b-boys are challenging each other. One by one they add another move to an increasingly demanding sequence: elbow freeze, kip-up, flare, air flare, halo. The crowd clearly loves the battling element after the scene has been set and the five characters established in B-BOY by MAAS Theater & Dans, which premiered last Friday […]

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Boukje Schweigman likes to concentrate on a single movement motif and builds her often disorienting worlds around this one determining element. She did it to mesmerising effect in shows like Wiek (Rotor) and Spiegel (Mirror). For her latest, Val (Fall), she centres the movement vocabulary on the notion, yes, of falling, and uses the height […]

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De Internet Trilogie


First confession: when I went to see De Internet Trilogie by Urland last night, I didn’t pay much attention when Ludwig Bindervoet read out the Terms & Conditions. I was mesmerised by a dead cute cat meme. Second confession: I’m a late adapter. I never saw the three constituent parts of the trilogy when they […]

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Boca de Ferro

Marcela Levi & Lucia Russo

Picture this: you are at a rave, and have been for a while. Your body obeys the beat regardless of thirst or sleep. All around you are other bodies doing the same, and the sea of bodies moving is just the loveliest thing ever. The air is dripping with sweat and hot with breath and […]

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Omar Rajeh / Maqamat Dance Theatre

A dancer soaked in blue blood is standing on a blue planet floating through the vast black universe like a reversed Atlas, tired of carrying the world. That is the image shown on the backdrop, filmed live by a drone. In reality, and visible simultaneously, the dancer (a fabulous Charlie Prince) is on a circular […]

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Blueprint on Memory

Ann Van den Broek / Ward/waRD

Last night at Julidans, Ann Van den Broek’s WArd/waRD came to perform Blueprint on Memory, an incisive multimedia exploration of Alzheimer’s disease and its repercussions on the body. It is the first part of a trilogy Van den Broek is creating about memory loss and originally premiered in 2018. You could say we all have […]

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