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You Better Move #7 - Wonderland of the night.

Dansmakers & Nedda Sou

This was, I think, the first time I came to Dansmakers Amsterdam and I had genuine fun. Don’t get me wrong, this “platform for new artists” has tickled my senses in other ways in the past, but this 7th edition of You Better Move – co-curated by Nedda Sou and seen on 8 November – […]

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Keisha Thompson

Keisha Thompson walks in casually and stands behind a table and a music stand. In front of a sound sampler and her texts in print, she softly addresses the audience and starts singing. Moonwhile, part of Frascati Issues: To Voice, added a sprinkling of poetry and sounds to the theatre on Saturday 9 November. Thompson, […]

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Grupo Sportivo


On paper, sports and dance have different objectives. In the first, movement has a mostly practical function: you move to win, or to be the best. In the second, it is artistic: you move to evoke. But sports and dance can also overlap, just think of the use of martial arts in dance (like Sutra […]

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Fígaro, barbero de Sevilla

Ibérica de Danza

The Dutch National Ballet has definitely spoiled us. We have become accustomed to its lush and lavish productions, its monumental stage sets and elaborate costumes. It is important to remember they are the outlier, especially when watching more modest ballet productions like the comical ballet Fígaro, the Barber of Seville by the Spanish dance company […]

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Rebota Rebota Que en Tu Cara Explota

Agnés Mateus and Quim Terrida  

Before going to see shows that I am asked to review, I usually avoid reading the descriptions. It is my simplistic attempt to go into a show as a “blank page” (as much as my professional audience hat allows…). But on 7 November, I arrived at Frascati with time to spare, so I read. The […]

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Cherish Menzo

Cherish Menzo is a rock-solid, captivating performer. In her solo Jezebel, premiered during the To Voice Festival at Frascati on 5 November, she revisits the video vixen, an ideal avatar to touch on very current and polemic debates such as new forms of feminism and misogyny in hip hop culture. A shorter version of the […]

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The Way You Sound Tonight

Arno Schuitemaker

What will the audience at November Music make of The Way You Sound Tonight, the show by Arno Schuitemaker that recently won a Zwaan – the Dutch Oscar of dance – for most impressive dance production? Of course, November Music audiences are accustomed to the more adventurous and experimental. But The Way You Sound Tonight, performed […]

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Radouan Mriziga

A bare stage. One by one, seven dancers walk into the space and start recomposing it, drawing it as it were with their presence, their movements and, at times, also their voices. The beginning of 8.2, seen at De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam on October 30th, is not unfamiliar to contemporary dance: the idea that […]

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Rosas, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Louis Nam Le Van Ho & Alain Franco

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and pianist Alain Franco created the performance Zeitung in 2008. Nine years later, the young choreographer Louis Le Van Ho was invited to join them for a remake of the original piece. Zeitigung premiered in 2017 but only came to The Netherlands last week for three shows at ITA.  Both Zeitung […]

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Sierra Oscar Foxtrot Tango

Nederlands Dans Theater 2

Lighting is an aspect that is easily taken for granted in stage shows. Audiences usually only notice that it is there, when it is not. In Sierra Oscar Foxtrot Tango, the season opener for NDT’s junior company NDT2, lighting is given a more prominent role. It lends a feeling of dread and despair in Marco […]

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