Movement Exposed Critical Space is an independent online chronicle that reflects on the contemporary performing arts. Since 2019 reviews, interviews and other articles are published on this medium, initiated by performing arts critic and curator Marcelle Schots. Writers of the first hour Bregtje Schudel, Jordi Ribot Thunnissen, Lucia Fernandez Santoro, Francine van der Wiel and critic, editor and translator Wendy Lubberding contributed importantly to the initial phase and their support is greatly appreciated.

Movement Exposed Critical Space will continue to publish in the future. Keep an eye on this website for updates. Publications of the period 2019-2022 are accessible via the menu.

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Photo credits (from left to right, top down): Sjoerd Derrine, Hans Hordijk, Maria Stijger Aramburun, Rio Staelens, Hans Gerritsen, Bart Grietens, Rahi Rezvani, Anna van Kooij, Jeff Busby.

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