Kickstart Culture Fund grants 2,8 million to producers and theatres

The Kickstart Culture fund has granted 2.8 million Euros for the performing arts. The money goes to producers and theatres that are adjusting to the social distancing measures. This fund is temporary and will divide 16 million Euros in total over three application rounds. In this first round, EUR 1.6 million was divided among theatre producers and EUR 1.2 million among theatres.

The Kickstart Culture fund is an initiative of De BankGiroLoterij, VSBfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds en de VandenEnde Foundation. The Ministry of Culture, Education and Science and other private foundations joined:  Stichting Droom en Daad, Ammodo, Fonds 21, Zadelhoff Fonds/Zadelhoff Cultuur Fonds, Fonds 1818 en Stichting Zabawas. The fund invests in organisations that do not receive structural funding from The Ministry of Culture, Education and Science, The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, or the National culture funds.

The fund invested in over 35 theatre producers. Stichting De Wereldband was granted EUR 44.978, Dansateliers receives EUR 22.500 and circus company Tall Tales Company is receiving EUR 15.000. Commercial producers such as Stage Entertainment and SENF Theatreproductions also received grants.

Among the theatres that qualify for this grant are Stichting Dans- en Muziek Centrum Den Haag, Stichting schouwburg Amstelveen and Stichting Theater Zuidplein.

Over the next months, The Kickstart Culture fund will announce the results of the second and third rounds.