New Covid-19 measures: partial lockdown

On October 13 the government announced new measures in response to the increasing numbers of Covid-19 infections. The new measures have come into effect from 10 PM on October 14. In theatres, 30 people are allowed in the audience, regardless of venue capacity. This includes children. Cast and crew capacity is also 30 max.

As a result, larger venues (schouwburgen) have decided to close. Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Nationale Opera en Ballet and Internationaal Theater Amsterdam are among the venues that have decided to close their doors. Black box venues (vlakke vloer) have largely decided to continue their programmes, including Theater Kikker and Frascati. Festivals that can be held in a theatre are allowed, but also with audiences of 30 people max. Alternative editions of festivals such as Festival Circolo and Twee Turven Hoog have had to be cancelled, because events are also forbidden for now. Also, wearing facemasks has become mandatory in theatres. Once seated, visitors may take them off.

Events are forbidden, restaurants and cafes are closed. With these measures the government wants to prevent unnecessary traveling. Prime minister Mark Rutte calls it a partial lockdown. It remains to be seen how things wil develop in the coming weeks. In the weeks leading up to October 27, the government will assess whether it will be necessary to expand or prolong the measures.