Lockdown: rehearsals and live streams allowed

As Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced yesterday, new strict measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 will take effect from 15 December. The full lockdown is to last for five weeks, until 19 January. This means theatre venues are closing for the third time this year.

All flow locations such as museums and zoos, plus all non-essential shops will be closed for the duration of this lockdown. The Prime Minister said in his speech that all public spaces are to close and only essential medical contact professions are allowed.

In spite of the strict separation between medical and non-medical contact professions, an exemption is made for performers. During the lockdown, rehearsing and live streams will be allowed.

In his speech the Prime Minister strongly re-emphasized the importance of working from home. Schools will be closed from 16 December and turn to online teaching. To curb the spread of the virus, mass movement must be limited, the PM explained. The over-crowding in city centres over the past few weeks hasn’t helped. Staying in and drastically reducing our contacts will considerably reduce the risk of contagion. However, to keep the nation in good health, outdoor sports – performed alone or in duos – are encouraged.

On 12 January there will be a press conference to keep the nation up to date on the progress of the situation.