Choreographer Alida Dors appointed artistic director of Theater Rotterdam

From 1 January 2021, the start of the new Cultuurplan, choreographer Alida Dors has been appointed Artistic Director of Theater Rotterdam. The appointment lays the groundwork for a more inclusive, contemporary and open performing arts house.

Alida Dors has been acting artistic leader at Theater Rotterdam since April 2020. In its press release, TR’s Supervisory Board states that during the Corona crisis, she has shown courage, vigour and leadership. Dors aims to enrich the house’s artistic status quo with new traditions and perspectives, always departing from dialogue. She likes to take an interdisciplinary approach and interconnects various forms of performing arts such as dance, language, music, image and performance. This has gained her the trust of the Supervisory Board to continue on the course she has plotted towards innovation and connection.

Dors will be one of Theater Rotterdam’s two executive directors, along with General Director Walter Ligthart who has been in charge since April 2018. 

Walter Ligthart, General Director:

“I am happy and proud that Alida Dors has been appointed Artistic Director. Over the past year she has proved herself by leading Theater Rotterdam on a clear, inspiring and innovative course through the Corona pandemic. And although the process towards equal representation and plurality is far from being completed, with Alida we have an artistic director who is unafraid of taking up the challenge.” 

Alida Dors, Artistic Director:

“I take pride in the fact that Theater Rotterdam is one of the few art institutions in the country with an intergenerational and diverse executive in terms of cultural background, gender, knowledge and expertise. It is truly a new chapter that will offer both Theater Rotterdam and myself ample opportunities and challenges.”

Photo: Mark Bolk

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