United cultural sector launches ‘Droom mee!’ statement to spread hope

The united Dutch cultural sector has launched a poetic statement to spread hope to all who support the performing arts. ‘De Belofte’, which translates as ‘The Promise’, is based on a column written by comedian, mathematician and writer Jan Beuving. It describes the magical beauty of an empty stage and the promise it holds. A promise that only gains in potency, the longer the theatres remain empty.

The work, created by a united performing arts sector, consists of Beuving’s column and a video. 400 theatres, venues, producers, agencies, academies, sector organisations, festivals, choirs, orchestras, ensembles, dance and theatre companies express their longing to fill the stages once more.

Het Nationale Ballet ODE AAN DE MEESTER Hans van Manen.Première 15 september 2017, Amsterdam.

Sarcasmen | choreography: Hans van Manen | photo: Hans Gerritsen

In the video, five prominent artists speak Beuving’s text. The five represent the full width of disciplines and the diversity of the sector. Dance is represented by Hans van Manen. The other speakers are Peter Pannekoek (standup comedy), Soumaya Ahouaoui (theatre), Jaap van Zweden (music) and Simone Kleinsma (musical). Other featured artists include dancer Uri Eugenio (LeineRoebana) and pianists Hannes Minnaar, Yang Yang Cai, Helena Basilova and Iris Hond. They play an excerpt from Simeon ten Holt’s Canto Ostinato on four grand pianos. The video was directed by Katja Akkerman.

Viewers can win tickets to a show or concert ‘in a packed house, where the promise comes true’. The sector is making 400 tickets available for when venues are allowed to reopen.

For further information, the column, video and to win tickets, visit www.droom-mee.nl.


dancer Uri Eugenio in Solas by LeineRoebana (right) | photo: Anna van Kooij

Featured image: Hans van Manen and Rachel Beaujean | photo: Altin Kaftira