Festival Cement announces winner of De Troffel 2021

De Troffel is the incentive prize awarded every year during Festival Cement to the best concept for a show, performance or text by a new theatre maker. 

A reading committee shortlisted eight concepts from a total of 84 entries. On Monday, 22 March, the eight makers on the shortlist pitched their plans to a panel:

1. De Saturners – Absolonova
2. Daphne Karstens – PANG
3. Mooni van Tichel – Lacking Reason
4. Lars Brinkman – Nader tot u
5. Sofie Kramer – A pole tragedy 
6. Maxime Dreesen – Countersex Education
7. Nora Ramakers – Ecosexcursie
8. Charles Pas – Necessary Beings

This year’s panel of judges was formed by Sabine Pater (Oerol Festival Terschelling), Liet Lenshoek (Likeminds Amsterdam) and Ioana Tudor (De Generator Leiden). The panel was unanimous in its decision to name the winner:

We are very pleased to announce that De Troffel 2021 has been won by: Mooni van Tichel – Lacking Reason

From the judges’ report: 
“The panel was deeply impressed by the in-depth and layered feminist concept presented by Mooni van Tichel, Lacking Reason. Van Tichel demonstrates her deftness at translating an innovative intellectual concept into a powerful theatrical universe. Her pitch inspires confidence in the panel that she will be giving an intense, boundary-breaking, brutally poetic and apocalyptic dance performance/sci-fi concert.”

De Troffel is a prize worth € 7.500 that offers young theatre makers financial support to further develop their winning project plan. Winners are also invited to present the result or further development of their plan during the next edition of Festival Cement.

Previous winners
Previous winners of De Troffel include Courtney May Robertson, Leonore Spee & Sascha Bornkamp, Leen Braspenning, Arno Schuitemaker, Kyoko Scholiers & Ruth Bequart, Anna van der Kruis, Lisa Verbelen, Emke Idema, TAAT, Charlotte Bouckaert, Alexia Leysen, and LIPS&KNOBEL.

photo: Kim van der Weerden