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Movement Exposed Critical Space is a web publication dedicated to ‘language-no-problem’-shows that stem from or pass by the performing arts field in The Netherlands. It is aimed at non-Dutch-speaking audiences, the international performance and dance communities, and stage professionals worldwide who take a special interest in touring companies.

As an independent medium, Movement Exposed publishes reviews, critical reflection and interviews. From July 2019 onwards Movement Exposed has been reviewing the latest performances regularly, publishing new reviews twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Within the vast field of the performing arts, this web chronicle focuses specifically on those companies and artists that travel the world and/or create new connections across disciplines and media.

Movement Exposed Critical Space is an initiative by performing arts writer and critic Marcelle Schots.

Critics participating: Lucia Fernandez Santoro, Wendy Lubberding, Jordi Ribot Thunnissen, Bregtje Schudel and Francine van der Wiel.

Editors: Wendy Lubberding and Marcelle Schots

Translator: Wendy Lubberding


Genres we will report on are contemporary dance, performance art, urban dance, ballet, mime, theatre and music theatre. There is a special interest in shows that happen off the beaten track, cutting edge site specific projects, collaborations and dance film. The Netherlands hosts a number of performing arts companies and independent choreographers and theater makers that travel the world with their performances. Especially these companies and artists will be featured at Movement Exposed.

More critical mass

An addition to existing newspapers, magazines and websites, Movement Exposed Critical Space is founded to create more critical mass and highlight the importance of a professional and well-founded discourse in the performing arts.


Movement Exposed is an independent platform for professional art critics. Today the independence of critics and writers is challenged for two main reasons: the changing practice of art critics who – in order to stay tuned with new developments – also move and work within the performing arts field, and the necessity to have other jobs on the side as today’s art critic finds himself in a difficult and ofter underpaid position by lack of resources for the arts and journalism in general. To secure independency Movement Exposed demands transparency of the writers about other activities employed.

Quality writing

The texts issued within the critical space of Movement Exposed are written by a team of experienced and upcoming performing arts critics. We follow the developments in the – live or mediated – performing arts. We encourage writers to contribute to the body of knowledge of the performing arts. We strive to work with a diverse and qualified pool of writers and are looking for new voices. Occasionally we publish translations of texts that already appeared in other media.

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