Lucia Fernandez Santoro

Lucia Fernandez Santoro (1991, Argentina/France) is an academically trained dancer and performer who seeks to redefine performance, stage settings and audiences. After completing a BA in Dance at ArtEZ (Arnhem) she gravitated towards creating with artists from different disciplines, using improvisation and writing as artistic practices.

Continuing with her interdisciplinary interest and non-linear approach to dance, she is currently part of an MA program at Sandberg Instituut where she is developing her writing practice through poetry, fiction and performative installations.

Lucia started writing reviews in 2016 as part of Springback Academy and has been a contributor since. She joined Movement Exposed in July 2019. Still performing and working alongside makers such as Nicole Beutler, Joseph Simon, Michele Rizzo, Emanuel Gat and Keren Levi, her multiple occupations serve and inform one another to develop a critical and comprehensive voice.