Wendy Lubberding

Wendy Lubberding (1973) combines her practice as a writer and translator within the performing arts with her work as a theatre and dance critic. In 2014 she joined Theaterkrant.nl and in 2019 she started at Movement Exposed as an editor and critic. Wendy studied Modern English Literature and Theatre Studies at the University of Groningen, was a member of the advisory committee of Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven and was on the panel for the 2019 Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht Young Audiences Award. Looking for new ways to express her thoughts about dance, she took a course in Contemporary Writing on Contemporary Dance with Domein voor Kunstkritiek (2015), where one fateful day she found herself on the dance floor with choreographer Guilherme Miotto. Shaken and dumbstruck, she stumbled past her comfort zone. You can find her out there, committed to trying new things and capturing the experience in words.