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Just before the start of Treize by the Dutch physical theatre company Bambie, on 5 December at Theater Kikker, I overheard a group of friends talking. One of them was gushing about the upcoming show, which first premiered in 2008. “It’s one of the best and funniest performances I’ve ever seen!” There is always a […]

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Conny Janssen Danst

Conny Janssen Danst’s latest offering KIEM, which premiered on 29 November at TR Schouwburg Rotterdam, offers one of the most striking opening scenes of the season. In its potent simplicity it even surpasses the opening act of Cathedral by Scapino Ballet. First, the nine dancers are lying foetus-like on the ground, on a square patch […]

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The exact position of things

Nicole Beutler Projects

Can a piece of theatre induce a deep sense of claustrophobia just by using the human voice? The exact position of things by Nicole Beutler Projects and Theater Malpertius – seen 27 November at Theater Ins Blau in Leiden – offers undeniable proof that, yes, it can! Strikingly enough, the stage itself is anything but […]

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Aquí, siempre (Here, always)

Poliana Lima

This reviewer only managed to see a couple of shows during the rich and diverse 2nd edition of the What You See Festival, celebrated in Utrecht from 22–24 November. Diverse in its core – the main focus lying on the topics of (gender and sexual) identities – but also diverse in poetic approaches to the […]

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Silvia Gribaudi

The What You See Festival celebrated its second edition from 22–24 November in Utrecht. This festival – still humble in means, yet rich and ambitious in its programming – circles around an increasingly crucial theme in current debate: the matter of gender and (sexual) identity. Silvia Gribaudi’s Graces, seen on the opening night of the festival […]

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In SOLAS by LeineRoebana, which premiered on 2 November at Chassé Breda, communication takes the shape of dance, song, music, text and gesture. Ways of storytelling from the past are used alongside contemporary forms of expression and all the performers borrow from each other: dancers sing, singers dance, musicians speak lines. With gusto and great […]

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The Fool, The Journey and I am a Poem

Connor Schumacher, Lunatics and Poets & Anna Luka da Silva

‘What is the body?’ It is a question that keeps returning during this year’s Jonge Harten Festival in Groningen. On Thursday 21 November I saw three shorter performances that were all billed with #thesensorial and address the question in very different ways. ‘What is the body?’ is a returning mantra uttered by ‘The Fool’ – also […]

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El nacimiento or [REBIRTH]

Ariah Lester and Aymará Parola

It isn’t often that I am one of the oldest people visiting a show. On the other hand, it was bound to happen eventually. At the premieres of, say, the Dutch National Ballet, I am usually the one who brings down the average age. But this definitely wasn’t the case on 21 November when I went to the […]

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De Voorlopers

Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben

Inadvertently, the surroundings of the Corrosia cultural centre in Almere proved to set a perfect scene for the performance of De Voorlopers (The Forerunners) on 14 November. In this latest performance by choreographers Uri Ivgi and Johan Greben (IVGI&GREBEN), five individuals are the first to venture out into a faraway, previously uninhabited planet. This Thursday […]

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You Better Move #7 - Wonderland of the night.

Dansmakers & Nedda Sou

This was, I think, the first time I came to Dansmakers Amsterdam and I had genuine fun. Don’t get me wrong, this “platform for new artists” has tickled my senses in other ways in the past, but this 7th edition of You Better Move – co-curated by Nedda Sou and seen on 8 November – […]

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