Safe Piece (installation) POSTPONED

Safe Piece (installation) | Isabelle Vigier & Valentina Campora
21 March / 2 May 2020 Opening 21 March 17:00
The installation Safe Piece is a new step in the project of the same name, which started with a series of performances and was captured in a film. The works address artistically a scope of social issues that grew from the original question: how to combine being a parent and keep working as an artist?

When her first child was seven months old choreographer Valentina Campora started a series of performances where she, the father of the child, and the baby are performing together in front of a small audience. The sessions have been documented on video over four years.
The film Safe Piece shows the process of evolving a semi improvised dance piece through time. The family develops a non verbal language that allows them to be all at once within a multitude of polarized dimensions : private and public, playing and performing, caring and taking risks, improvising and creating choreography.
For Safe Piece (installation) prints and sounds from the film are assembled in the gallery space. The selection of images lay out the communication which took place over the years. During the exhibition the film Safe Piece will also be on show.

Artists Biographies

ISABELLE VIGIER / film, installation

French artist and designer Isabelle Vigier came to the Netherlands in the mid 1990s and has been working here as an independent maker ever since. A long and fruitful artistic relationship with the maverick Magpie Music Dance company starting in the late 1990s was the beginning of several close collaborations with the vanguards of both contemporary dance and music. Vigier’s preferred media include video, photography and image making in a broad sense, in particular the re-contextualizing of found footage and images. Isabelle Vigier is also a graphic designer, and in this capacity works in both the performing arts and visual arts. She is the co-founder and artistic director of the music imprint Unsounds, a notable platform for contemporary, experimental and improvised music.

VALENTINA CAMPORA / performance, film

After getting her degree in Philosophy from the University of Genova in Italy, Valentina Campora went on to study Modern Theatre Dance at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam. She has danced and collaborated on projects with Jakop Ahlbom, Erik Kaiel, Cristina Planas Leitao, Heather Ware, Bani Koshnoudi, Andy Moor and others. Campora has collaborated with choreographer Gabriella Maiorino for several years, and with Makiko Ito and the Wonderland project for young audiences. As a dance teacher, Campora is a regular guest at De Stilte dance for children in Breda, the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam, Fontys Academy Tilburg and the HJS Foundation in Amsterdam (NL).

ANDY MOOR / music, installation

Aside from being a well-known guitarist in bands such as the Dog Faced Hermans and the Ex, Andy Moor has collaborated with many musicians from varied backgrounds and disciplines over the years. Moor is also a composer of film soundtracks, working with English artist and filmmaker Marion Coutts, with Iranian filmmaker Bani Khoshnoudi and US experimental filmmaker Jem Cohen. He has an active interest in participating in dance performances, live, or as a composer. Moor and Valentina Campora have shared the stage on several projects. His working relationship with Isabelle Vigier includes the live performance The Journalist, and their music label, Unsounds.